Age: 11 years

Class: 6th Class

Program: School Reform Program

Usha is 11 years old and belongs to a scheduled caste. She lives with her mother and her brother Abhishek. She is in 6th standard and studies in the Upper Primary School at Etmadpur, Agra.

Usha’s father was suffering from Tuberculosis for five years and expired in Sept 2015. Due to the prevalent caste traditions, her mother has not yet found a way to earn. Usha and her family were also thrown out from their previous house, as they were unable to pay the rent. Currently they stay at Usha’s paternal grandparents’ house.

Through one of our surveys we found out about Usha and enrolled her under our School Reform program. Usha’s mother has completed her schooling before she was married and hence knows the importance of education. She wants her child to become a doctor in future. Usha is a very sincere student and extremely dedicated towards her studies. She not only excels in academics but also has received awards for painting.

The aim of this program is to ensure that students like Usha are motivated to do their best in studies and extracurricular, while having access to proper infrastructure.

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