Age: 12 years

Class: 4th Class

Program: Honhar Ladki

Sonam is a 12 year old girl, currently studying in 4th standard of D S Public School, GadiBadhauria, Agra. Her family includes two elder brothers and two elder sisters, and her mother.

Sonam's father was a mason and suffered from asthma. He suffered from kidney failure due to the medication he was taking and expired suddenly in December 2015. His demise was met with immense sadness throughout the family and especially affected Sonam.

Sonam had to take a year out of school due to the financial difficulties her family faced from paying for her father's medical treatment and due to the fact that she was very affected by her father's untimely death. When she returned to school, her family did not have enough money to pay for her school fees and as a result she was removed from the school. One year later, her mother tried to re-enroll Sonam but was still unable to pay the fees. The school management suggested that IDF might be able to help in this situation and Sonam was enrolled under the Honhar Ladki Program (HLP).

Sonam previously used to be a good student but her personal circumstances have affected her ability to study. She is trying very hard to get back on track and perform well in the future; her teachers believe that she will be able to achieve this.

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