Age: 16 years

Class: 8th Class

Program: Honhar Ladki

Meet Priya – one of the beneficiaries of IDF's programs. Priya had to discontinue her education for three years due to her family's financial problems which stemmed from her father's alcohol addiction, her mother's tumor treatment and the birth of her two sisters within two continuous years.

Her family was unable to fund her education but she was determined to resume her studies. Upon her insistence, her mother approached the Dreams Learning Center run by IDF in Freeganj, Agra. IDF considered Priya's commitment to education and consulted with her family regarding the importance of educating a girl child. After the stringent selection process, IDF felt that Priya had the potential to perform well in academics and sponsored her entire educational expenditure in C.P. Public School.

Today, Priya is working hard and taking extra classes to make up for the time she has spent away from education. She is also an enthusiastic participant in extracurricular activities in her school.

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