Age: 15 years

Class: 8th Class

Program: Honhar Ladki

Pinky is a 15 year old girl who studies in 8th standard at Bhagwan Devi School, Agra. Her parents earn a mere 4 to 5 thousand per month and have to take care of their six children, all of whom are completely dependent on them.

Pinky’s father Mr. Surrender Singh works as a labourer in a shoe factory and her mother is a house wife. It is generally the case that in families stricken with poverty, the education of the children is not a priority and the children are made to give up studies in favour of work. As her family faced financial difficulties, Pinky’s school fees were not paid for a year and there was a chance that she could no longer remain in the school.

IDF learnt about Pinky’s situation from her school’s principal and decided that she should not face a barrier to acquiring good education because of her family’s financial circumstances. So she was registered under the ‘Honhar Ladki’ program which provided full sponsorship of her education.

Today, Pinky is able to pursue her education without any worry. Her teachers say that she is a quick learner. She is performing well in her studies and plays badminton as a hobby. She paints in her free time and helps her mother in her work while she is at home. Her parents are now motivated to support their daughter in completing her education and choosing a suitable career in the future.

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