Age: 8 years

Class: 4th Class

Program: Honhar Ladki

Manisha is an 8 year old girl born in an OBC family. Her family includes 4 brothers and her parents Mr. Nepali and Mrs. Lakshmi. One of her brothers and her father stitches shoes and other brother is an auto rickshaw driver. The total monthly earning of her familyamounts to Rs 6000. With such a meagre monthly income, it is challenging for her family to cope with medical costs on top of everyday living costs. Manisha's mother suffered from a head injury and majority of the savings were spent for her treatment. Manisha's father is an alcoholic who spends a lot of his income on alcohol.

As Manisha was the only girl child of the family, they wanted her to study in a private school, graduate and be independent in the future. But due to her family's precarious financial situation and her studies not taking priority over the medical and living costs, Manisha's school feeswere not paid on time. As a result, Manisha could no longer attend school.

IDF conducts surveys in rural areas to identify children who have dropped out of school or are unable to attend school due to various personal difficulties. During one such survey, IDF identified Manisha and counselled her parents. She was registered under HonharLadki Program (HLP) by IDF which would provide full sponsorship for her education. Over the course of time, Manisha has shown that her academic prowess has nothing to do with her financial situation. She has excelled in her studies and extracurricular activities, with her teachers and friends praising her for her achievements.

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