Honhar Ladki ( A promising girl )

Brigham Young once said, "You educate a man; you educate a man. You educate a woman; you educate a generation."

At IDF, we are committed to dismantling the belief that a girl is a liability and want to empower every girl child, irrespective of her family circumstances, to achieve her potential through education.

Honhaar Ladki, which translates into 'a promising girl', is our flagship education sponsorship & mentoring program, launched in July 2011 to sponsor girls from rural and urban slums and backward communities for education in formal schools.

Main objectives of this program

We aim to 'provide girls access to education, to achieve independence, and to live a healthy and dignified life.' This objective will be achieved by:

  • Sponsorship of education
  • Minimizing the number of dropouts by enrolling them into formal schools
  • Conducting mentoring classes for girls
  • Provision of counseling for parents

Selection of beneficiaries for this program

Our intended beneficiaries for this program are adolescent girls from disadvantaged communities. All selection processes are rigorous and in line with our ethos.

Progress of the beneficiary evaluation

There are various touch points by which the beneficiary's performance after enrollment is evaluated:

  • Periodic Parents Teacher Meeting: These are held on the 20th-25th of every month and give an opportunity for teachers to highlight achievements or points of improvement to parents of beneficiaries
  • School Interaction Session (SIS): This is a monthly activity whereby volunteers and staff of IDF visit schools where beneficiaries study and personally meet with their teachers regarding the performance and behavior of the children at school.
  • Progress report: Every individual beneficiary's progress is monitored and evaluated half yearly. These are some areas where progress is monitored:
    • Academic Performance
    • Behavioral changes
    • Participation in Extra-curricular activities
    • Social Development
    • Health consciousness

Other initiatives IDF offers for the beneficiaries of this program

IDF celebrates Wellness Day on a quarterly basis for all beneficiaries, especially adolescent girls. Some of the topics previously covered were Health & hygiene, Menstruation, Malnutrition and social behavior. We believe that it is key to generate awareness among girl children from disadvantaged communities in order to enable them to lead healthy and dignified lives in the future.

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