Age: 13 years

Class: 5th Class

Program: Honhar Ladki

Alcohol addiction has ruined millions of lives across the globe including Gungun’s life. Her father is an alcoholic. Even though he barely earns enough to support his family of six children, a wife and a mother, he still spends most of it on his addiction.

Gungun’s father used to work in a shoe factory in the past. But his alcohol addiction caused a lot of health problems and now he is too weak and ill to work there. Her mother is still searching for a job to support her family. Her grandmother contributes by cooking food in marriages. But all these efforts are not enough to even provide them with three square meals a day. Due to the extremely difficult financial circumstances and family atmosphere, Gungun had to drop out from school.

IDF conducts awareness campaigns very frequently where volunteers go into the local communities and spread awareness about the importance of education. During one such campaign in Nagla Mahadev area, they spotted Gungun. After talking to her and meeting her family they provided counseling to her family and convinced them to let Gungun re-enroll in education. Gungun’s schooling was then sponsored by IDF under the HLP program.

This initiative brought hope in Gungun’s life. She started working very hard to make the most of this opportunity. She is currently doing well in her studies and also participates in cultural activities like dance and drama.

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