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"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world" Nelson Mandela

Education plays a key role in the social and economic development of every country. Unfortunately, there are certain areas in India, rural Agra district for example, where female literacy rate is just 17.6%. Indian Dreams Foundation's programs are built to help increase literacy rates in India, while ensuring that every child obtains a holistic education.

IDF has worked to identify reasons for low literacy rates in rural India, and has conceptualized programs to help overcome these obstacles by initiating development at the grassroots level. Reasons for the low literacy rate in rural India are:

♦   Inadequate school facilities

♦   Inadequacy and inefficiency of teachers

♦   Lack of sanitation

♦   Lack of drinking water

♦   Discrimination based on caste

♦   Abject poverty

♦   Gender inequality

IDF's goal is to provide an equal opportunity for education to every child, irrespective of caste and economic background. Allowing for this will help in breaking barriers of caste and gender inequality in India. IDF recognizes the inadequacies and need for school reforms and selects beneficiaries, both schools and individual children, based on the following criteria:

♦   Extremely poor economic background

♦   Absence of one or both parents

♦   Minority castes

♦   Lack of drinking water

♦   Gender inequality towards girls

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