Age: 15 years

Class: 10th Class

Program: Honhar Ladki

Aarti is a fifteen year old girl who is currently studying in Bhagwan Devi School located in Gadi Bhaduria, Agra. Aarti lives with her parents Mr.Ramesh and Mrs. Kanta and her 3 siblings. Her father works as a labourer in a shoe factory while her mother stitches shoes at their home.

A few years ago, Aarti’s father owned his own small scale shoe factory. Unfortunately, he suffered a major loss and had to shut down his business. This caused a financial crisis for the family. Currently both her parent’s earn just enough to support the family.

Although Aarti’s two elder sisters and brother are well educated as their father was previously earning well, she had to drop out of school due to the financial crisis the family faced. She also suffered from a leg fracture which further delayed her re-enrollment in education; she had not been to school in over a year.

IDF regularly conducts surveys in areas of Agra to identify those who may have dropped out of school. During one such survey, Aarti was spotted by IDF volunteers. Her family was counselled about the importance of enrolling her back into school and as a result, she was sponsored by IDF under the ‘Honhar Ladki’ program.

Aarti is performing well in her studies and is very talented when it comes to “mehndi” designing. She hopes to become a teacher in the future and help under privileged kids as she is inspired by how IDF helped her.

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